I am an Assistant Professor in Management Science and Informations Systems (MSIS) Department, Rutgers Business School from Fall 2022. Previously, I was a Lee Kong Chian Fellow and an Assistant Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at Singapore Management University.

My research interests include game theory, machine learning, and security. A detailed description of my work can be found on the Research page.

PhD positions are always available, please apply to MSIS, RBS and mention my name in your statement.

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Physical Address:

   TBD, New Jersey, USA 
Recent News (date style is MM//YY)
12/22: Paper at ACSAC receives honorable mention
11/22: Four papers in AAAI
09/22: One paper each in NeurIPS, ACSAC, GameSec
08/22: Moved to Rutgers Business School
05/21: I am the Program Chair for GameSec 21
05/21: Our work won the best Demo in AAMAS 21
07/20: Our work highlighted in an US Army article.
06/20: Consider submitting to GameSec 2020.
05/20: Check out our tutorial on Game Theory in AAMAS.
04/20: One paper in IJCAI 2020.
02/20: One paper in AAMAS 2020.
11/19: AICS 2020 website is up [Link]. Please consider submitting.
08/19: Joined SMU.
01/19: AICS 2019 program is up [Link]. Please consider attending.