I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Information Systems at Singapore Management University.

My research interests include game theory, machine learning and security. A detailed description of my work can be found on the Research page.

PhD positions are always available, please apply to SMU and mention my name in your statement.

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Physical Address:

   4054 School of Information Systems   
   Singapore Management University
Recent News (date style is MM//YY)
11/11: AICS 2020 website is up [Link]. Please consider submitting.
11/11: Three papers to appear in AAAI 2020.
08/19: Joined SMU.
01/19: AICS 2019 program is up [Link]. Please consider attending.
01/19: One paper in AAAI. Check Publications.
08/18: AICS 2019 website is up [Link]. Please consider submitting.
08/18: Two papers in GameSec. Check Publications.
05/18: Two papers in IJCAI. Check Publications.
08/16: Moved to Univ of Michigan
05/16: CAPTURE paper is nominated for best application paper at AAMAS 2016
05/16: CAPTURE paper mentioned an NSF article
05/16: Our airport screening work mentioned in a Senate testimony (article)